Wordsworth, W: Lyrical Ballads

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The most influential collection of poems ever published - fully edited and annotated and including the famous preface of 1800.
NEW: Introduction by Professor John Mullan General introduction: Lyrical Ballads 1798 to 1805. The Wordsworth-Coleridge collaboration. Lyrical Ballads generically considered. An infinite complexity of pain and pleasure. PART 1: Authors accompanying statements: Coleridge's lines on 'The Nightingale'. Advertisment. Argument to "The Ancient Mariner" (1798). Coleridge's letter on "love". Wordsworth's note to "The Thorn". Wordsworth's note to "The Ancient Mariner"; argument to "The Ancient Mariner" (1800). Wordsworth to Charles James Fox. Coleridge to William Wilberforce. Coleridge to Sir James Bland Burges. From Wordsworth's letter to Thomas Poole. Wordsworth to John Wilson. PART 2: Arrangements and classifications. PART 3: Authors' later comment PART 4: Sources PART 5: The Ancient Mariner The Complaint of a Forsaken Indian Woman. Goody Blake and Harry Gill. The Mad Mother; Ruth 11.49.60. 1978 text of The Ancient Mariner. NEW: Textual History of Lyrical Ballads by Professor Danny Karlin NEW: Bibilography

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