The Media

An Introduction
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Daniele Albertazzi
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The Media: an introduction, 3e, has been fully updated and expanded to include brand new chapters on: Approaches to Media; Media Form; Models of Media Institutions; The Media in Europe; Photography; Newspapers; Magazines; Book Publishing; Radio; Television; The Internet; News Media; Economics; Policy; Public Service Broadcasting in Europe; Censorship; Audience Research; Sexuality; Gender; Social Class; Religion; The Body; Health and Illness; Nationality; and Sex Acts. Expert contributions on each topic provide a broad and comprehensive introduction and theoretical overview of the media industry. Thirty-six specially commissioned essays are provided, these offer the reader unrivalled breadth and depth for an introduction to the study of contemporary media.
Introduction Daniele Albertazzi and Paul Cobley Part 1: Understanding the Media Introduction Daniele Albertazzi and Paul Cobley 1. Approaches to the Media Joanne Sayner 2. Media Form John Corner 3. Models of Media Institutions Stylianos Papathanassopoulos 4. The Media in Europe Hans J. Kleinsteuber Part 2: What Are the Media? Introduction Daniele Albertazzi and Paul Cobley 5. Comics Roger Sabin 6. Photography Stephen Bull 7. Book Publishing Beverley Tarquini 8. Public Relations David Miller 9. Newspapers Raymond Kuhn 10. Magazines Anna Gough-Yates 11. Radio Guy Starkey 12. Television Dorothy Hobson 13. Cinema Anne Jäckel 14. Pop Music Roy Shuker 15. The Internet and the www Lorenzo Cantoni and Stefano Tardini 16. News Agencies Oliver Boyd-Barrett and Terhi Rantanen 17. News Media Jackie Harrison 18. Advertising Iain MacRury Part 3: The Media Environment: Policy, Economics and Institutions Introduction Daniele Albertazzi and Paul Cobley 19. Economics John Sedgwick and Guglielmo Volpe 20. Policy Marco Gambaro 21. Public Service Broadcasting in Europe Jérôme Bourdon 22. Censorship and Freedom of Speech Julian Petley Part 4: Audiences, influences and effects Introduction Daniele Albertazzi and Paul Cobley 23. Administrative Research of Audiences Michael Svennevig 24. Effects Guy Cumberbatch 25. Impacts and Influences Jenny Kitzinger 26. Active Audiences Joke Hermes Part 5: Media representations Introduction Daniele Albertazzi and Paul Cobley 27. Sexuality Charlotte Ross 28. Gender Rosalind Gill 29. Social Class Karima Laachir 30. Race and Ethnicity Sarita Malik 31. Media and Religion Leen d¿Haenens and Jan Bosman 32. Youth Bill Osgerby 33. The Body, Health and Illness Andy Miah 34. Nationality Barbara O¿Connor 35. Sport Neil Blain and Raymond Boyle 36. Sex Acts Brian McNair

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