The Leadership Mystique

Leading behavior in the human enterprise

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Manfred Kets De Vries
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Financial Times Series

"Your business can have all the advantages in the world; strong financial resources, enviable market position, and state-of-the-art technology, but if leadership fails, all of these advantages melt away." - Manfred Kets de Vries
1. Leadership in a dissonant voice: Using the prism of the clinical paradigm
Introducing key issues
The centrality of the clinical paradigm
2. Emotional intelligence in the world of work
Intelligence as a multifaceted attribute
A closer look at emotional intelligence
Honing the sub-skills of emotional intelligence
A mood too far: Managing emotional extremes
The core conflictual relationship theme
Deepening our understanding of our inner theater
Escaping psychic prison
3. The mussel syndrome
Corporate consequences of the mussel syndrome
The changing organizational paradigm
Companies that endure
4. The failure factor in leadership
Executive behavior: Myth and reality
Rational and irrational behavior
Dysfunctional patterns in leadership
The transference trap
The impact of narcissism
5. The dynamics of succession
Midlife dilemmas
The life-cycle of a CEO
Generational envy
6. The Dilbert phenomenon
The deadness within
Resuscitating "dead" leaders
Whole-life strategy versus deferred-life strategy
The tragedies of success and near-success
A summary prescription for revitalization &;
7. The rot at the top
Neurotic styles and organizations
The dramatic personality/organization
The suspicious personality/organization
The detached personality/organization
The depressive personality/organization
The compulsive personality/organization
Case examples
An organizational vicious circle
8. Achieving personal and organizational change
The process of change
The dynamics of individual change
The dynamics of organizational transformation
Leadership strategies for implementing change
9. Characteristics of effective leadership
Leadership models
10. Leadership in a global context
The wheel of culture
Identifying global leadership abilities
Global leadership development
11. Roles leaders play
Leadership versus management
The dual roles of leadership
12. Leadership development
Selection problems
Developmental tasks
Leadership in the "digital age"
13. Authentizotic organizations
The best companies to work for
The "healthy" individual bsp;
Characteristics of the "authentizotic" organization
The gender question
14. Final thoughts
Suggested further reading 7

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