Engel, D: Zionism

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A one-volume presentation for the general reader of the history and legacy of Zionism, examining and explaining how it has shaped the lives of millions of people throughout the last century, and arguably replaced one group of oppressed and homeless people with another.
I. The Idea of a "Jewish State" A. Self-Representations of Zionist Origins B. Jewish Settlement in Palestine before Zionism C. Europe and the Near East Between Multinational Empire and Nation-State D. The Origins of Jewish Nationalism II. Crystallization of a Movement, 1881-97 A. New Jewish Immigration and Settlement Patterns in Palestine B. Conflicting Concepts: Palestine as a Refuge and a "National Home" C. The Beginnings of Western European Jewish Involvement in Palestine D. Theodor Herzl and the Establishment of the World Zionist Organization III. Zionist Diplomacy and Jewish Settlement under Ottoman Rule, 1897-1918 A. "Political," "Practical," and "Synthetic" Zionism B. The Second Aliyah and its Impact on Zionist Development C. The Beginnings of Zionist-Arab Friction D. World War I, the Balfour Declaration, and the Rise of Palestinian Nationalism IV. Growth of the Zionist Enterprise under the British Mandate, 1918-29 A. The Structure of the Mandatory Regime B. Building Palestine's Economic Infrastructure C. The Hegemony of the Labor Movement and the Revisionist Challenge D. Building a New Jewish National Culture V. The End of British-Zionist Cooperation, 1929-48 A. Arab Opposition Mounts; Britain Rethinks the Mandate B. The Rise of Nazism and the Struggle over Immigration C. The Idea of Partition and its Challenge to Zionist Thought D. Britain as Enemy VI. The Partitioned State, 1948-67 A. Proclaiming Independence and the 1948 War B. New Tasks for Zionism: The Post-Holocaust Jewish World C. Mass Immigration and Social Change D. Israel's Relations with the Arab World VII. Greater Israel, 1967- A. The Six-Day War and its Effects B. Religious Zionism: Messianic Influences in Israeli Politics and Culture C. The 1973 War and the Tribulations of the Peace Process D. Facing the Palestinians VIII. Towards a New Era? A. Non-Jews in a Jewish State B. The Impact of Globalization C. Jewish or Israeli? D. The Post-Zionist Debates

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