Hammond, P: Dryden:Selected Poems

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214x143x50 mm

Dryden's genius is unveiled through the extensive annotations in this celebrated edition of his work.
No. Title 5 Heroic Stanzas 7 Astraea 18 Annus Mirabilis 42 Mac Flecknoe 67 Absalom and Achitophel 69 The Medal 74 Religio Laici 87 To the Earl of Roscommon 89 To the Memory of Mr Oldham 96 Lucretius: Against the Fear of Death 97 Lucretius: Concerning the Nature of Love 103 Horace: Odes I ix 104 Horace: Odes III xxix 105 Horace: Epode II 111 To the Memory of Anne Killigrew 114 The Hind and the Panther 115 A Song for St Cecilia's Day 137 The Tenth Satire of Juvenal 153 To Mr Congreve 158 Alexander's Feast 165 Palamon and Arcite 168 Sigismonda and Guiscardo 169 Baucis and Philemon 171 Cinyras and Myrrha 172 The First Book of Homer's Ilias 173 The Cock and the Fox 183 The Secular Masque

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