Jones, P: Childhood

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Childhood: Services and Provision for Children provides an important and timely contribution to the field of Childhood and Youth Studies. This cutting-edge text brings together, within a critical framework, an understanding and discussion of a broad range of services, ideas and themes, and debates the impact of them on children's lives.
Part I Debates, Discussions, Dilemmas: The Critical Framework 2 . Childhood: Rights and Realities Sue Welch 3. The Politics of Childhood Pat Tomlinson 4. The Social Divisions of Childhood Dorothy Moss 5. Pictures of Children: What Are the Attitudes Behind Services and Provision? Phil Jones Part II Service, Provision and Policy 6. Education: Service or System? Sue Welch 7. Youth Services and Provision Marian Charlton 8. Provision for Child Health Ruth Cross 9. Children Who Offend Dorothy Moss 10. Safeguarding Children: Visions and Values Gary Walker 11. Day Care Services for Children Christine Hines 12. Services to Children's Play Fraser Brown 13. Children's Experience of Community Regeneration Jane Kettle Part III Services in Action: Case Studies 14. The Swings and Roundabouts of Community Development Ros Chiosso 15. Mind the Gap: A Multi-Agency Approach to Raising the Educational Attainment of Children in Care Gary Walker 16. The Anna Rebecca Gray Interviews Anna Gray 17. Educating Refugee Children: A Class Teacher's Perspective Yinka Olusoga 18. The Venture: Case study of an Adventure Playground Fraser Brown with Contributions from Malcolm King and Ben Tawil Part IV Conclusion: Pulling the Threads Together and Furthering Understanding 19. Searching and Researching Childhood: Making Full Use of Libraries Georgina Spencer 20. Reading Between the Chapters Phil Jones

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