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The Outsorcerer’s Apprentice

YouSpace Book 3
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Tom Holt
YouSpace Orbit
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'Satisfying and entertaining.' - RT Book Reviews
",Tom Holt may be the most imaginative satirist to land on our shores since Douglas Adams.", -Christopher Moore, New York Times bestselling author A HAPPY WORKFORCE, IT IS SAID, IS A PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE. Try telling that to an army of belligerent goblins. Or the Big Bad Wolf. Or a professional dragon slayer. Who is looking after their well-being? Who gives a damn about their intolerable working conditions, lack of adequate health insurance, and terrible coffee in the canteen? Thankfully, with access to an astonishingly diverse workforce and limitless natural resources, maximizing revenue and improving operating profit has never really been an issue for the one they call ",the Wizard.", Until now. Because now a perfectly good business model-based on sound fiscal planning, entrepreneurial flair, and only one or two of the infinite parallel worlds that make up our universe-is about to be disrupted by a young man not entirely aware of what's going on. There's also a slight risk that the fabric of reality will be torn to shreds. You really do have to be awfully careful with these things. PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF TOM HOLT: ",Place this title alongside Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens [and] Pratchett's Discworld series.", LIBRARY JOURNAL (STARRED REVIEW) ",Wacky humor bubbles through the polished narrative . . . Holt doesn't skimp on the flashes of brilliance.", SFX

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