Between Poetry and Performance
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Drama: Between Poetry and Performance discusses major plays,drawing on examples from playwrights including Shakespeare, Ibsen,Beckett, and Parks, and asks how they offer a critical perspectiveon the drama s relation to books, to the process of embodiment, andto the mapping of space in the theatre.
Introduction: Fond Records: Metaphors of Drama

Chapter 1. More than is Dreamt of: Between Literature and Performance Studies

Chapter 2. The Name of Action: Thinking through the Plot

Chapter 3. Words, Words, Words: Thinking through Poetry

Chapter 4: The Censure of Seeming: Thinking through Character

Chapter 5: The Faculty of Eyes and Ears: Thinking through Spectacle
An engaging book spanning the fields of drama, literary criticism, genre, and performance studies, Drama: Between Poetry and Performance teaches students how to read drama by exploring the threshold between text and performance.
* Draws on examples from major playwrights including Shakespeare, Ibsen, Beckett, and Parks
* Explores the critical terms and controversies that animate the performance and study of drama, such as the status of language, the function of character and plot, and uses of writing
* Engages in a theoretical, disciplinary, and cultural repositioning of drama, by exploring and contesting its position at the threshold between text and performance
Autor: W. B. Worthen
W. B. Worthen is Professor and Chair of the Department of Theatre at Barnard College, Columbia University. He is the author of The Idea of the Actor (1984), Modern Drama and the Rhetoric of Theater (1992), Shakespeare and the Authority of Performance (1997), Shakespeare and the Force of Modern Performance (2003), and Print and the Poetics of Modern Drama (2006). He is also the editor of several volumes, including A Companion to Shakespeare and Performance (with Barbara Hodgdon, Wiley-Blackwell 2005), and the Wadsworth Anthology of Drama, 5th edition (2006).

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Autor: W. B. Worthen
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ISBN: 1405153423
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