Auteurs and Authorship: A Film Reader

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Dedication. Acknowledgments. Figures and Captions. Preface: How to Use this Book. Introduction. Part I: Classic Auteur Theory. Introduction. 1. Francois Truffaut: A Certain Tendency of the French Cinema (1954). 2. Andre Bazin: La Politique des Auteurs (1957). 3. Ian Cameron: Films, Directors and Auteurs (1962). 4. Andrew Sarris: Notes on the Auteur Theory in 1962 (1962). 5. Pauline Kael: Circles and Squares (1963). 6. Peter Wollen: The Auteur Theory (1969) (excerpt). 7. V.F. Perkins: Direction and Authorship (1972) (excerpt). 8. Edward Buscombe: Ideas of Authorship (1973). 9. Robin Wood: Ideology, Genre, Auteur (1977). Bibliography. Part II: The Contexts of Authorship. Introduction. 10. Roland Barthes: The Death of the Author (1968). 11. Charles Eckert: The English Cine-Structuralists (1973). 12. Graham Petrie: Alternatives to Auteurs (1973). 13. Claire Johnston: Women's Cinema as Counter-Cinema (1973). 14. Angela Martin: Refocusing Authorship in Women's Cinema (2003). 15. Richard Kosarzski: The Men with the Movie Cameras (1972). 16. Richard Corliss: Notes on a Screenwriter's Theory, 1973 (1974). 17. Gore Vidal: Who Makes the Movies? (1976). 18. Peter Lehman: Script/Performance/Text: Performance Theory and Auteur Theory (1978). 19. Jerome Christensen: Studio Authorship (2006) (excerpt). 20. Matthew Bernstein: The Producer as Auteur (2006). 21. Bruce Kawin: Authorship, Design, and Execution (1987). Bibliography. Part III: Close Readings. Introduction. 22. Maurice Yacowar: Hitchcock's Imagery and Art (1977). 23. Editors of Cahiers du Cinema: John Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln (1970). 24. Paul Willeman: Towards an Analysis of the Sirkian System (1972). 25. Paul Kerr: My Name is Joseph H. Lewis (1983). 26. Michael Budd: Authorship as a Commodity: The Art Cinema and The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari (1984). 27. Claire Johnston and Pam Cook: The Place of Women in the Cinema of Raoul Walsh (1974). 28. Judith Mayne: Female Authorship Reconsidered (The Case of Dorothy Arzner) (1990). 29. Barry Keith Grant: Man's Favorite Sport?: The Action Films of Kathryn Bigelow (2004). 30. Michael DeAngelis: Todd Haynes and Queer Authorship (2006). 31. J. Ronald Green: Twoness' in the Style of Oscar Micheaux (1993). 32. S. Craig Watkins: Spike's Joint (1998) (excerpt). Bibliography
"Auteurs and Authorship: A Film Reader "offers students an introductory and comprehensive view of perhaps the most central concept in film studies. This unique anthology addresses the aesthetic and historical debates surrounding auteurship while providing author criticism and analysis in practice.
Examines a number of mainstream and established directors, including John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Douglas Sirk, Frank Capra, Kathryn Bigelow, and Spike Lee
Features historically important, foundational texts as well as contemporary pieces
Includes numerous student features, such as a general editor's introduction, short prefaces to each of the sections, bibliography, alternative tables of contents, and boxed features
Each essay deliberately focuses across film makers' oeuvres, rather than on one specific film, to enable lecturers to have flexibility in constructing their syllabi
Editiert von: Barry Keith Grant
Barry Keith Grant is Professor of Communication, Popular Culture, and Film at Brock University. He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books, including Film Genre: From Iconography to Ideology, Film Genre Reader, The Dread of Difference: Gender and the Horror Film, Five Films by Frederick Wiseman, Voyages of Discovery: The Cinema of Frederick Wiseman and Documenting the Documentary: Close Readings of Documentary Film and Video.

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