Journal of Social Issues, Religion as a Meaning System

Journal of Social Issues
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INTRODUCTION. Religion as a Meaning System: Implications for the New Millennium 641- Israela Silberman. RELIGION AS A MEANING SYSTEM IN PEOPLE'S LIFE. The Sacred and the Search for Significance: Religion as a Unique Process 665- Kenneth I. Pargament, Gina M. Magyar-Russell, and Nichole A. Murray-Swank. Religion and Conflict in Marital and Parent-Child Relationships 689- Annette Mahoney. Religion as a Meaning-Making Framework in Coping with Life Stress 707- Crystal L. Park. Striving for the Sacred: Personal Goals, Life Meaning, and Religion 731- Robert A. Emmons. Religion and Value Systems 747- Sonia Roccas. Religion and World Change: Violence and Terrorism versus Peace 761- Israela Silberman, E. Tory Higgins, and Carol S. Dweck. RELIGION AND INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS-VISION VERSUS ACTUALITY. Psychometric and Rationalization Accounts of the Religion-Forgiveness Discrepancy 785- Jo-Ann Tsang, Michael E. McCullough, and William T. Hoyt. Religion, Meaning, and Prejudice 807- Bruce Hunsberger and Lynne M. Jackson. The Three Monotheistic World Religions and International Human Rights 827- J. Paul Martin. CONCLUDING CHAPTER. Religion as a Meaning System: Policy Implications for the New Millennium 847- Kenneth I. Maton, Daniel Dodgen, Mariano R. Sto. Domingo, and David B. Larson
This volume focuses on exploring the impact of religion from a social science point of view by presenting the meaning system approach to the contemporary practice of religion, within social personality psychology and related fields; and to show the interdisciplinary, multimethod research being conducted within this framework.
Autor: Israela Silberman, Edward Ed Silberman
ISRAELA SILBERMAN received her PhD (with distinction) in social-personality psychology in 1999 from Columbia University where she is currently Associate Research Scientist. Dr. Silberman has written extensively on the relations between religion as a meaning system and individual and societal well-being, particularly in the context of recent world events. She got numerous grants and awards including the Richard Christie Award, and awards from the Columbia University Center for the Study of Science and Religion, the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, and the American Psychological Association.

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Autor: Israela Silberman
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