Revealing Nursing Expertise Through Practitioner Inquiry

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Contributors Foreword Introduction Abbreviations Section One: The Context 1. From Artistry in Practice to Expertise in Developing Person-Centred Systems: A Clinical Career Framework Kim Manley, Angie Titchen and Sally Hardy Introduction The context of nursing practice expertise Nursing practice: person-centred expertise Expertise in developing person-centred systems Four domains of person-centred expertise The clinical career framework Summary References 2. Practitioner Research Brendan McCormack Introduction Practitioner research - the context Practitioner research - what is it? The transformative potential of practitioner research Emancipatory action research Emancipatory practice development Transformational practice development Operationalising methods of practitioner research through reflexivity Conclusions References 3. A Kaleidoscope of Nursing Expertise: A Literature Review Angie Titchen and Sally Hardy Patterns and colours Professional artistry References Section Two: Practitioner Examples 4. Transformational Impact of the Expertise in Practice Project Maeve McGinley Introduction Section one: starting the journey Section two: a new beginning Conclusion References 5. Working with Critical Companionship Angela Brown and Karen Harrison What is a critical companion? Professional artistry Endings and potential Acknowledgements References 6. Critical Companionship - The Lived Experience Alison Greggans and Margaret Conlon Introduction Acknowledgements References 7. Expertise in Practice - Older People Jonathan Webster Introduction Developing practice with older people Conclusion Acknowledgments References 8. The Role of the Consultant Nurse and Research in Articulating Expertise Cheryl Crocker Introduction Developing a nursing technology Technology transferred Conclusion References 9. The Impact of Clinical Expertise on Patient Care in Rheumatology Sarah Ryan Introduction Section 1: caring for patients with RA Section 2: nurse-led clinics: added value to patient care Evaluating practice Section 3: the effectiveness of nursing interventions Conclusion References 10. Exploring the Relationship between Education Expertise and Nursing Practice Nancy Jane Lee Introduction A professional doctorate Conclusion References 11. Critical Creativity in the Development of Clinical Nurse Specialists' Practice Liz Henderson Introduction Critical creativity: a new paradigm for PD Developing expertise as a facilitator Methodology and design The developmental journey Making use of care stories Evaluating the impact of the programme Conclusion Acknowledgement References Section Three: Methods and Resources for Revealing Practice Expertise 12. Developing Expertise through Nurturing Professional Artistry in the Workplace Angie Titchen Introduction Professional artistry dimensions Creating the conditions Concluding remarks Acknowledgements References 13. Revealing the Hidden Treasures of Practice Expertise Sally Hardy Principle methods for transformation Qualitative 360 feedback Recommendations Recommendations Using narratives (patient and staff stories) Reflexivity (reflection into critically appraised action) Conclusion References Additional resources for developing practice expertise Section Four: Concluding Remarks 14. A Final Turn of the Kaleidoscope Sally Hardy, Angie Titchen, Kim Manley and Brendan McCormack Interrelated journeys Index
Revealing Nursing Expertise Through Practitioner Inquiry explores and reveals the often hidden workings of 'expert practitioners'. It provides valuable insights into developing practice expertise and how expert nursing practice is a key influence on health care practice.
Editiert von: Sally Hardy, Angie Titchen, Brendan Mccormack
Sally Hardy is Director of Research & Practice Development at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Honorary Associate Professor at Monash University, Melbourne, Research Fellow with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne, Senior Research Fellow, Royal College of Nursing Institute London and Deputy Director of Nursing Research at the University of East Anglia, Norwich England. Angie Titchen is Clinical Chair , The Knowledge Centre for Evidence Based Practice, Fontys University of Applied Science, The Netherlands, Visiting Professor, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland and Associate Fellow, University of Warwick, England. Kim Manley is Head of Practice Development, Royal College of Nursing Institute, London, and Visiting Professor of Nursing, Bournemouth University, England Brendan McCormack is Professor of Nursing Research University of Ulster, Adjunct Professor at Monash University, Victoria Australia and Visiting Professor at University of Technology Sydney.

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