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Acknowledgments. Translations Used. Introduction. The Ion : 1. Interpreting Socrates The Apology : 2. Mission From God 3. Puzzling Notoriety The Protagoras : 4. Bravery 5. Knowledge Rules The Laches : 6. Bravery Again 7. Puzzling Pedagogy The Lysis : 8. Love The Euthydemus : 9. Luck The Meno : 10. Desire Book 1 of the Republic : 11. Benevolence 12. Happiness 13. Freedom The Euthyphro : 14. Reverence The Crito : 15. World Religion The Phaedo : 16. Last Words Epilogue: Socrates or Plato? Index of Passages Cited. General Index.
"Socrates" presents a compelling case for some life-changing conclusions that follow from a close reading of Socrates' arguments. Offers a highly original study of Socrates and his thought, accessible to contemporary readersArgues that through studying Socrates we can learn practical wisdom to apply to our livesLovingly crafted with humour, thought-experiments and literary references (from the "Iliad" to "Harry Potter"), and with close reading sof key Socratic argumentsAids readers with diagrams to make clear complex arguments
Autor: George Rudebusch
George Rudebusch is Professor of Philosophy at Northern Arizona University. He is the author of Socrates, Pleasure, and Value (1999).

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Autor: George Rudebusch
ISBN-13 :: 9781405150866
ISBN: 1405150866
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2009
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Sprache: Englisch
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