Sociological Methodology

35, Sociological Methodology
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Reviewers. Contributors. Acknowledgments. Information for Authors. Editor's Introduction. 1. The Scientific Model of Causality (James J. Heckman). 2. Pretesting Experimental Instructions (Lisa Slattery, Murray Webster Jr., and Joseph M. Whitmey). 3. A New Approach to Estimating Life Tables with Covariates and Constructing Interval Estimates of Life Table Quantities (Scott M. Lynch and J. Scott Brown). 4. Robust Spatial Analysis of Rare Crimes: An Information-Theoretic Approach (Avinash Singh Bhati). 5. Improved Regression Estimation of a Multivariate Relationship with Population Data on the Bivariate Relationship (Mark S. Handcock, Michael S. Rendall, and Jacob E. Cheadle). Errata (Sean F. Reardon, Glenn Firebaugh, and David O'Sullivan)
This volume of "Sociological Methodology" includes a wide range of lively papers offering fresh solutions to old and new problems and challenges in sociological research.
Autor: Stolzenberg
Editiert von: Ross M. Stolzenberg
Ross M. Stolzenberg is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago.

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