Corporate Retirement Security: Social and Ethical Issues

Business and Society
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Contributors. "An Introduction". Robert W. Kolb. Part I: Ethical Issues in Pension Plan Structure. 1. "Pension Plan Design: An Examination of Corporate Social Responsibility" (Joanne H. Gavin and Ken Sloan, Marist College). 2. "The Pension that Isn't: The Defined-Contribution Retirement Plan" (Barry Bennett, Bonneville Power Authority). 3. "Corporate Retirement Security: A Bankrupt Oxymoron" (Patricia Werhane, University of Virginia and DePaul University). 4. "Trust, Portability, and Sustenance in Pension Plans" (Robbin Derry, Northwestern University). Part II: Pension Plan Changes. 5. "Markets, Promises, and Responsibility: Reconsidering Pensions and Ethics" (Eugene Heath, State University of New York at New Paltz). 6. "Not How Much But How: The Ethics of Cash Balance Pension Conversions" (Michael E. Johnson-Cramer, Bucknell University and Robert A. Phillips, University of San Diego). 7. "Ethics of Corporate Retirement Program Changes" (Duane Windsor, Rice University). 8. "Reflections on Markets, Retirement and Corporate Responsibility" (Jeffery Smith, University of Redlands). Part III: Investing Pension Plan Funds. 9. "Pensions and the Companies They Own: Fiduciary Duties in a Changing Social Environment" (Peter Kinder, KLD Research and Analytics, Inc.). 10. "Pension Funds and Socially Responsible Investing: More Risky Than Responsible Business" (Sarah Fuhrmann, v-Fluence Interactive Public Relations). 11. "Why Social Investing Threatens Public Employee Pension Funds" (Jon Entine, Miami University)
This volume collects the contributions of a number of diverse and distinguished scholars to reflect upon the topic of corporate retirement security in the United States.
Contributes to the public policy debate concerning the securing of sufficient retirement funds
Reflects the present discussions and disagreements about the most fundamental aspects of the employment relationship
Organized into three sections, this volume focuses on ethical issues in pension plan structure, pension plan changes, and investing in pension plan funds
Includes a thorough and orienting introduction to the subject
Editiert von: Robert W. Kolb
Robert W. Kolb holds the Frank W. Considine Chair in Applied Ethics at Loyola University Chicago. He was formerly Assistant Dean for Business and Society (2003-2006) at the University of Colorado, and John S. and James L. Knight Professor of Finance at the University of Miami. He is author and co-author of numerous texts in finance, including Futures, Options, and Swaps, 5e (with James A. Overdahl, Blackwell, 2007) and Understanding Futures Markets, 6e (with James A. Overdahl, Blackwell, 2006).

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