Pathology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Classic and Contemporary Issues

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Foreword. Preface. 1. The background to hepatocellular carcinoma and the liver. 2. Premalignant lesions of hepatocellular carcinoma. 3. Pathomorphologic characteristics of early-stage small hepatocellular carcinoma. 4. Morphologic evolution of hepatocellular carcinoma: from early to advanced. 5. Angioarchitecture of hepatocellular carcinoma. 6. Advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. 7. Multicentric occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma. 8. Combined hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma. 9. Nodular lesions mimicking hepatocellular carcinoma. 10. Biopsy diagnosis of tumorous lesions of the liver. 11. Chemoprevention of hepatocellular carcinoma. Index
This book covers the huge advances made in clinical diagnosis enabling earlier detection, while addressing the recent progress made in treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) to enable successful therapy.
It draws on the expertise of an internationally recognized author famed for his understanding, knowledge and efforts in defining terms and diagnosis in this area.
The text reviews the full range of pathological information of HCC based on the study of surgical cases and biopsy materials, along with images, to help compare findings that may be encountered by pathologists. It also makes special reference to developments in early stage HCC detection and premalignant lesions which can increase effective treatment.
Autor: Masamichi Kojiro
Masamichi Kojiro, M.D. Department of Pathology, Kurume University School of Medicine, Kurume, Japan Professor Kojiro is one of the leading hepatic pathologists in the world. He has worked in the US at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Japanese Society for Hepatology, former Associate Editor for the Journal of Hepatology (EASL), and served as Secretary-General for APASL from 2000-2002.

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Autor: Masamichi Kojiro
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