A New Sociology of Work?

Sociological Review Monographs
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Acknowledgements. Part 1: Conceptualizing work. Confronting the challenges of work today: New horizons and perspectives (Jane Parry, Rebecca Taylor, Lynne Pettinger and Miriam Glucksmann). Shifting boundaries and interconnections: extending the 'total social organisation of labour' (Miriam Glucksmann). Part 2: Re-examining paid employment. Friends, relations and colleagues: The blurred boundaries of the workplace (Lynne Pettinger). Interaction distance and the social meaning of occupations (Wendy Bottero). Changing Times; Flexibilization and the re-organization of work in feminized labour markets (Angela Coyle). Part 3: Privatized work. Time and labour: Fathers' perceptions of employment and childcare (Esther Dermott). Doing the dirty work of social class? Mothers' work in support of their children's schooling (Diane Reay). Part 4: Challenging the boundaries of the public and private spheres. Rethinking voluntary work (Rebecca F. Taylor). Markets and politics: public and private relations in the case of prostitution (Jackie West and Terry Austrin). Care in the Community? Gender and the reconfiguration of community work in a post-mining neighbourhood (Jane Parry). Part 5: International comparisons. Public and private: Implications for care work (Pat Armstrong and Hugh Armstrong). Care, work and feeling (Clare Ungerson). Welfare State regimes and the social organization of labour: Childcare arrangements and the work/family balance dilemma (Margarita Leon). Bibliography. Notes on Contributors. Index.
This book asks what might be required of "a new sociology of work" and why such a project is vital for understanding people's working lives at the start of the twenty-first century. A collection of essays examining the concept of work, questioning what constitutes work, and where work ends and other activities begin.
Acknowledges the work that goes on outside formal employment, in the family, the community and within various institutions.
Highlights the importance of understanding the broad range of experiences of work in order to provide a more meaningful account of people's work practices.
Draws on studies which explore how localized temporal, temporal and socio-economic factors shape people's experiences.
The editors develop a distinctive theoretical framework and draw together key conclusions and policy recommendations.

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