Small Animal Neurology

What's Your Diagnosis?
What's Your Diagnosis?
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Introduction CASE- BASED SYNDROME CHAPTERS * Seizures * Spinal Pain * Coma & Alterations of Consciousness * Tremors, Shakes & Involuntary Movements * Head Tilt & Imbalance * Abnormalities of Vision, Pupil Size & Eye Position * Disorders of the Head & Face * Exercise-Related Weakness & Collapse * Monoparesis * Pelvic Limb Ataxia, Paraparesis & Paralysis * Tetraparesis & Hemiparesis * Urinary Dysfunction Appendices 1. Neurological Examination Form 2. Glossary of Drugs and Dosages used in the Text
Unique format, to enhance critical thinking and understanding Adopting a case-based style, chapters cover all the major neurological syndromes.

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