Meta-Regression Analysis: Issues of Publication Bias in Economics

Surveys of Recent Research in
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1. Issues in Meta-Regression Analysis: An Overview: Colin J. Roberts. 2. Meta-Regression Analysis: A Quantitative Method of Literature Surveys: T. D. Stanley and Stephen B. Jarrell. 3. Beyond Publication Bias: T. D. Stanley. 4. A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Common Currencies on International Trade: Andrew K. Rose and T. D. Stanley. 5. Publication Bias in the Economic Freedom and Economic Growth Literature: Chris Doucouliagos. 6. A Meta-Analysis of b-Convergence: the Legendary 2%: Maria Abreu, Henri L. F. de Groot and Raymond J. G. M. Florax. 7. The Last Word on the Wage Curve?: Peter Nijkamp and Jacques Poot. 8. A Meta-Analytic Assessment of the Effect of Immigration on Wages: Simonetta Longhi, Peter Nijkamp and Jacques Poot. 9. A Meta-Analysis of the International Gender Wage Gap: Doris Weichselbaumer and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer. 10. The Income Elasticity of Money Demand: A Meta-Analysis of Empirical Results: Markus Knell and Helmut Stix.
This volume celebrates the innovative and rapidly growing area of economic research known as meta-regression analysis (MRA).
Shows how MRA enables researchers to make sense of disparate economic findings on the same subject.
Develops methods that help researchers to distinguish publication selection from genuine empirical effect.
Applies these methods to topical areas of economic research including: the effect of immigration on wages, minimum wage on unemployment, and gender on salaries.
Helps to bridge the gulf between economic theory and practice.
Written to be accessible to readers with a basic background in empirical economics.
Editiert von: Colin Roberts, T. D. Stanley
Colin Roberts is Director of Studies and Lecturer in Economics at the University of Edinburgh. Tom D. Stanley is Professor of Economics at Hendrix College.

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