Animal Biology and Care

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Section 1 Animal Biology. . 1 Cells and Basic Tissue. 2 Movement of materials within the body. 3 Body systems and functions. 4 Basic genetics. 5 Body as a whole. . Section 2 Animal Health and Husbandry. . 6 Animal Welfare. 7 Basic health care. 8 Disease transmission and control. 9 Microbiology. 10 Diseases of the dog and cat. 11 Zoonones. 12 Parasitology. 13 Hygiene. 14 Basic Nutrition. 15 Handling. 16 Grooming and coat care. 17 Pets: mammals, birds and fish. . Section 3 Nursing. . 18 First aid and nursing. 19 Basic bandaging. 20 The hospital environment. 21 The hospitalised patient. 22 Monitoring temperature, pulse and respiration. 23 Pharmacy and the administration of drugs. 24 Isolation and quarantine. Appendix - Anatomy and Physiology Terminology. Selected reading. Index
Following the success of the first edition, this new edition has been expanded to include more information on small mammals, birds and fish. Intended as a foundation text for those on animal care, nurse auxiliary and veterinary care assistant courses, it introduces essential theoretical background information and clearly outlines the practical skills necessary when embarking on the care of any animal. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of animal care, pre-veterinary nursing auxiliary and care students; Provides basic training in animal biology and care, with particular attention given to those subjects that students find difficult to understand, such as anatomy and physiology; New chapter additions on fish and birds.
Clearly and simply laid out, with over 150 illustrations, Animal Biology and Care 2e will be invaluable to all those training or working in animal care.
Autor: Sue Dallas
Sue Dallas is a qualified veterinary nurse, and she has worked as a member of a nursing team in both veterinary school, veterinary practices in the UK and in North America. She has been teaching on both veterinary nursing and animal care courses for over 20 years. During that time she was involved in a number of educational and examination developments for both sectors. Over the years she has spoken at all the veterinary congresses in the UK and around the world. She has promoted nursing and care of animals through training and education. In the early 1990's she became involved in publishing as the editor of the Veterinary Nursing Journal (VNJ), the official journal of the British Veterinary Nursing Association followed by publication of text books for both veterinary nurses, auxiliaries and animal care.

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Autor: Sue Dallas
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