Global Strategy: Global Dimensions of Strategy

3, Global Dimensions of Business
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This comprehensive volume from Wiley s Global Dimensions of Business series explores the topic of international strategic management at an MBA or Executive Education level. Authored by an accomplished teacher who possesses a strong understanding of the market, this text offers clear frameworks coupled with lively, international case studies.
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Chapter 1. Strategy for the Global Marketplace.

Strategy in Action.


Strategic Management.

The Strategy Process.

The Structure of the Book.

Key Points in the Chapter.

Chapter 2. Global Strategy as a Resource-based Strategy.

Strategy in Action.

The Objectives of Business Strategies.

The Objectives of Multinational Business Strategies.

Leveraging Resources and Capabilities: The Search of International Markets.

Building Resources and Capabilities: the International Search for Innovation.

Protecting Resources and Capabilities - International Risk Reduction Objectives.


Key Points in the Chapter.

Chapter 3. the Global Strategy Environment.

Strategy in Action.

International Economics and Trade Theory.

Absolute Advantage and The Wealth of Nations.

David Ricardo and Comparative Advantage.

The Factor Availability Model of Comparative Advantage.

The International Product Life Cycle and Shifting Comparative Advantage.

Constructed Comparative Advantage and Porter's Diamond Model.

Industry Clusters - Comparative Advantage on the Local Level.

Comparative Advantage and Competitive Advantage Country Risk Issues and the GBE.

Political Differences and International Strategies Legal Structures and Property Rights.

Cultural Heritage and Business.

Emerging Markets and the Bottom of the Pyramid.


Key Points in the Chapter.

Chapter 4. Global Competitive Analysis.

Strategy in Action.

Industry Analysis and the Global Marketplace.

The Five Forces Model in the Global Setting.

International and Global Industries.

Global Integration and National Responsiveness.

Configuration and Coordination.

The Forces Driving Global Competition.

Life Cycles, Local Markets, and Outsourcing.

Global Services Industries and E-Commerce.


Key Points in the Chapter.

Chapter 5. Firm-Specific Resources and Capabilities in the Global Setting.

Strategy in Action.

Firm-specific resources and Capabilities.

Resources, Capabilities, and Competitive Advantage.

Identifying Strengths - Firm-specific Resources and Capabilities to exploit.

Supporting Strengths - Complementary and Co-specialized resources.

Home Country Advantage and the Origins of FSRCs.

Clusters, City Regions, and FSRCs.

Capability Leverage Strategies and the Multinational Firm.

Resources, Capabilities, and Multinational Strategies.

Capability Leverage and Internationalization.

Capability Leverage and Integration.

Capability-building Strategies and the Multinational Firm.

Capability-building and internationalization.

Capability-building and Globalization.


Key Points in the Chapter.

Chapter 6. Integrating Global Strategy.

Strategy in Action.

Making Strategy.

Strategies of Fit and the Industry Context.

Global Integration vs. National Responsiveness.

Markets, Alliances, and Hierarchies - How best to Access Markets.

Strategies of Fit to the Capabilities of the Firm.

Pursuing Strategies in the International Marketplace.

Acquisition in International Expansion.

Strategic Alliances and Multinational Strategy.

The Strategic Roles of Subsidiaries.


Key Points in the Chapter.

Chapter 7. Global Strategy, Global Structure.

Strategy in Action.

Strategies and Structures - Building the Transnational Markets and Hierarchies.

Cooperative Forms - Alliances and Joint Ventures.

The Role of the Center and the De-Integration of HQ.



Key Points of the Chapter.

Chapter 8. Entry Strategies for Global Companies.

Strategy in Action.

Entry Drivers.

The Influence of Global Strategy - Why Are We Doing This?

The Boundary Effects of Corporate Norms, Values, and Policies - That's Just the Way It is.

That Just can't be done - The Limits of Corporate.


Local Conditions - What are We getting Into?

Entry Strategies.

Cooperative Entry Strategies.

Entry through Acquisition.

Entry by Startup.


Key Points in the Chapter.

Chapter 9. Global Strategy in a Time of Troubles.

Strategy in Action.

The Global Business Environment.

Competitive Analysis.

Resource Strategies.

Integrating Global Strategy.

Structuring for Tough Times.

New Market Entry Strategies.


Key Points in the Chapter.

This comprehensive volume from Wiley's Global Dimensions of Business series explores the topic of international strategic management at an MBA or Executive Education level. Authored by an accomplished teacher who possesses a strong understanding of the market, this text offers clear frameworks coupled with lively, international case studies.* Written by an experienced teacher possessing a strong research profile and a clear understanding of the market.
* Emphasizes organizational competences and provides a direct bridge to the strategy frameworks and concepts essential to MBA and Executive Education programs.
* Focuses on capabilities, capability-building and knowledge, and highlights the distinction between input and leveraging in terms of capabilities.
* Reviews additional opportunities for making performance gains in the international environment and the additional complexity involved in managing in a global - rather than domestic - environment.
* All chapters include sections on essential reading, student questions, summaries, case examples, and 'key terms.'
Autor: Stephen Tallman
Stephen Tallman holds the E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Professorship in Business at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. He has wide experience of both research and teaching in strategic management and international business. He is Co-Editor of the newly founded Global Strategy Journal; Associate Editor, Strategic Management Journal; Editorial review board Member of Thunderbird International Business review and Management International review and previously Organization Science and Journal of International Management; and Consulting Editor, Journal of International Business Studies.

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