The Open World and Closed Societies: Essays on Higher Education Policies "In Transition"

Issues in Higher Education
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This is the first volume in our Issues in Higher Education Series published in collaboration with the IAU/UNESCO
Preface From Lenin to Digital Rapture Higher Education Reform in Romania Thirteen Years of Higher Education Reforms in Estonia Russian Higher Education After Communism Market as Metaphor in East European Higher Education Reaching Beyond Geometry Exploring the Limits of Entrepreneurial Response When East Meets West Reproduction of the 'State Nobility' in Eastern Europe Communication, Community, and the Scam of the Knowledge Society Transnational Capitalist Class and World Bank 'Aid' for Higher Education Toward a Model of Higher Education Reform in Central and Eastern Europe Epilogue
This book is about higher education reforms in the post-socialist states of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, seen through the eyes of somebody who has spent the last decade analyzing these reforms as well as negotiating and supervising reform projects in countries from Serbia and Montenegro to Mongolia. Analyzing the reforms in a broader political, economic and social context and relating these to global higher education developments, the book addresses the complexity of the processes and contradictions among the demands on higher education systems, which in many instances impede positive changes.
Autor: V. Tomusk
VOLDEMAR TOMUSK is Deputy Director of the Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Institute in Budapest, Hungary.

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Autor: V. Tomusk
ISBN-13 :: 9781403965073
ISBN: 1403965072
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Auflage 2004
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