Reason, Culture, Religion: The Metaphysics of World Politics

Culture and Religion in Intern
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Pettman is well known within the field of religion and International relations
Preface Introduction: The Metaphysics of World Affairs MODERNITY World Affairs - The Modernist Project World Affairs - The Movie COMMUNITY The World Politics of World Heritage The World Politics of World Heritage-Japan SPIRITUALITY Taoist Strategics Buddhist Economics Islamic Civics Confucian Marxism Hindu Constructivism Pagan Feminism Animist Environmentalism Conclusion: A World Affairs for All the World References
Reason, Culture, Religion book provides a systematic overview of the study of world politics. The author then locates modernist world politics in its sacral context by discussing Taoist strategics, Buddhist economics, Islamic civics, Confucian Marxism, Hindu constructivism, Pagan feminism and Animist environmentalism. It concludes by asking what a world affairs worthy of the name would be.
Autor: R. Pettman
RALPH PETTMAN holds the Foundation Chair of International Relations at the Victoria University of Wellington. A graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, his previous appointments include teaching and research posts at the University of Tokyo, Princeton University, and the Australian National University. Among his published works are Commonsense Constructivism, or the Making of World Affairs (2000) and Understanding International Political Economy, With Readings for the Fatigued (1996).

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Autor: R. Pettman
ISBN-13 :: 9781403965059
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