States and Development: Historical Antecedents of Stagnation and Advance

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1 Important topic - interaction of state building and economic development is central in comparative politics and has real world implications: think Iraq2 Leading scholars
3 Series - part of the Political Evolution and Institutional Change series, which is generating attention
States and Development: A Theoretical Framework; M.Lange & D.Rueschemeyer
Alternative Ways of Disciplining Institutional Power and Harnessing it for Development; P.B.Evans
The Rule of Law as a Foundation for Political, Social, and Economic Development; M.Lange
Long-Lasting Effects of States on Development
The Age of States and Economic Growth; L.Putterman
The Socioeconomic Effects of Colonial Influence in Latin America; J.Mahoney & M.vom Hau
Varieties of British Colonialism and Their Impact on Socioeconomic Development; M.Lange
Commentary: Mechanisms of Long-Lasting Effects of States on Development; D.Rueschemeyer
Building States: Inherently a Long-Term Process?
Building States - Inherently a Long-Term Process? An Argument from Theory; D.Rueschemeyer
Building States - Inherently a Long-Term Process? An Argument from Comparative History; T.Ertman
State Development after Revolutions - Rapid State Building or Transforming Existing Structures under Pressure?; J.Goldstone & J.Becker
The Korean Developmental State - A Case of Rapid State Building?; B.Cumings
Commentary: Innovations with Diverse Intent, Developmental Opportunities, and Path-Dependent Change; J.Mahoney
States and Development: Insights from Historical Research; M.Lange & D.Rueschemeyer
This important book explores the contribution states can make to overcoming collective action problems and create collective goods favorable to social, economic, and political development. It examines how state-society relations as well as features of state structure shape the conditions under which states seek to advance development and the conditions that make success more or less likely. And it offers empirical evidence showing that historical state structures have had lasting effects even on today's development. Particular focus is given to bureaucratic oversight, market functioning, and the assertion of democratic demands discipline state actions and contribute to state effectiveness. These propositions and the social mechanisms underlying them are examined in comparative historical and cross-national statistical analyses.
Autor: Matthew Lange, Dietrich Rueschemeyer
Matthew Lange and Dietrich Rueschemeyer

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Autor: Matthew Lange
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