American Individualisms

Child Rearing and Social Class in Three Neighborhoods
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Introduction* Ethnographic Method& Context * American Individualism& Social Class Revisited * Queens Ethnoconceptions of the Child's Self * Queenston Hard Protective Individualism vs. Kelley Hard Projective Individualism * Individualism& Ethnoconceptions of the Child's Self in Parkside * Queenston& Kelley Preschools * Parkside Preschools * Balancing Psychologized Individualism with Societal Constraints& Uncovering the True Self
What are hard and soft individualisms? In this detailed ethnography of three communities in Manhattan and Queens, Kusserow interviews parents and teachers (from wealthy to those on welfare) on the types of hard and soft individualisms they encourage in their children and students. American Individualisms explores the important issue of class differences in the socialization of individualism in America. It presents American individualism not as one single homogeneous, stereotypic life-pattern as often claimed to be, but as variable, class-differentiated models of individualism instilled in young children by their parents and preschool teachers in Manhattan and Queens. By providing rich descriptions of the situational, class-based individualisms that take root in communities with vastly different visions of the future, Kusserow brings social inequality back into previously bland and generic discussions of American individualism.

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Autor: A. Kusserow
ISBN-13 :: 9781403964816
ISBN: 1403964815
Erscheinungsjahr: 16.07.2004
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan US
Gewicht: 330g
Seiten: 224
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2004
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