Schools as Imagined Communities

The Creation of Identity, Meaning, and Conflict in U.S. History
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Contributors - first-rate essays from top scholars of education, history and reform
Introduction: Schools as Imagined Communities; D.Cobb-Roberts S.Dorn & B.Shircliffe A Lesson in Education and Community; V.Eaklor Crafting Community; M.Ladd Teed Student-Community Voices; D.Cobb-Roberts From Isolation to Imagined Communities of LGBT Teachers; J.Blount The Closing of Blake and Middleton; B.Shircliffe Politics of Memory, Re-imagining Community; J.Alamilla Canal Town; J.Hall Special Education as a Problematic Community; S.Dorn Youth For Christ; A.Halpern Conclusion and Lessons; D.Cobb-Roberts, S.Dorn & B.Shircliffe
Government forces mean the notion of a 'community' school has become less defined by decisions on core curriculum. This collection explores the extent to which collective notions of school-community relations have prevented citizens from speaking openly about the tensions created where schools are imagined as communities.
Autor: D. Cobb-Roberts, S. Dorn, B. Shircliffe
SHERMAN DORN, BARBARA SHIRCLIFFE and DEIRDRE COBB-ROBERTS are historians of education at the Tampa campus of the University of South Florida, USA.

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Autor: D. Cobb-Roberts
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