Text-e: Text in the Age of the Internet
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Text-e: Text in the Age of the Internet

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First ever book of its kind, recording an experiment in online communication of ideas between major figures in the literary and academic worldThe ten central papers are from major intellectuals, including Umberto Eco, Theodore Zeldin, and Dan SperberMajor issues in cultural theory, cultural communication, on the broadest of canvases, debated in a dynamic way The involvement of discussants has been edited and interwoven with the individual position papers so that the flavour of the online discussion round table is conveyed
Preface; G .Grunberg Introduction; G.Origgi Readers and Reading in the Electronic Age; R.Chartier What the Internet Tells Us About the Real Nature of the Book; R.Casati Skyreading and Skywriting for Researchers: A Post-Gutenberg Anomaly and How to Resolve It; S.Harnad Transmitting, Reacting, Remembering: Journalism on the Internet; B.Patino The Future of the Internet: A Conversation with Theodore Zeldin; T.Zeldin Reading: The Digital Future; J.Epstein Babel and the Vintage Selection: Libraries in the Digital Age; Bibliothèque publique d'information (Centre Pompidou) Reading Without Writing; D.Sperber The New Architecture of Information; S.Broadbent & F.Cara Authors and Authority; U.Eco Discussion by Online Participants Index
This unique collection is a permanent record in English of an experiment in cultural communication - a trilingual virtual symposium lasting five months in which ten essays by internationally renowned thinkers on the impact of the Internet on texts, intellectual life, research, communication and culture were the core texts.

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