Media and the British Empire
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Media and the British Empire

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C. Kaul
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Palgrave Studies in the Histor

Original integrationist approach - previous studies have not looked at the complex relationship between media and empire in this way
Introduction; C.Kaul 'To Enlighten South Africa': The Creation of a Free Press at the Cape in the Early Nineteenth Century; J.M.Mackenzie 'The Thinking is Done in London': South Africa's English Language Press and Imperialism; J.Lambert 'The Old Pals Protection Society?' The Colonial Office and the British Press on the Eve of Decolonisation; J.Lewis & P.Murphy The Media and the Exile of Seretse Khama: The Bangwato vs. the British in Bechuanaland, 1848-56; S.Williams Ernest Jones' Mutiny: The People's Paper , English Politics and the Indian Rebellion 1857-58; T.Pratt Writing to the Defence of Empire: Winston Churchill's Press Campaign Against Constitutional Reform in India, 1929-1935; I.St.John India, the Imperial Press Conferences and the Empire Press Union: The Diplomacy of News in the Politics of Empire, 1909-1946; C.Kaul 'Business as Usual'?: British Newsreel Coverage of Indian Independence and Partition, 1947-1948; P.Woods Purity, Obscenity, and the Making of an Imperial Censorship System; D.Heath Peripheral Politics? Antipodean Interventions in Imperial News and Cable Communication, 1870-1912; D.Cryle A 'Sense of Common Citizenship'? Mrs Potts of Reefton, New Zealand, Communicates with the Empire; R.Harvey That Some Must Suffer for the Greater Good: The Post Courier and the Bougainville Crisis; P.Cass The Influence of the British Empire Through the Development of Communications in Canada: French Radio Broadcasting During the Second World War; A.Canuel Echoes of Cosmopolitanism: Colonial Penang's 'Indigenous' English Press; S.L.Lewis Bibliography
'The only true history of a country', wrote Thomas Macaulay, 'is to be found in its newspapers'. This book explores how the media shaped and defined the economic, social, political and cultural dynamics of the British Empire by viewing it from the perspective of the colonised as well as the colonisers.

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