Database Systems

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Established text that has been fully revised and updated throughoutContains new chapters including one on e-business
Includes new bibliography
Much improved presentation including a wealth of spider diagrams, questions, exercises and projects
Preface to the Third Edition.- PART I: FUNDAMENTALS Database Systems as Abstract Machines.- Data and Information.- Database, DBMS and Data Model.- Databases Systems, ICT Systems and Information Systems.- Database Systems and Electronic Business.- Data Management Layer.- PART II: DATA MODELS Relational Data Model.- Object-Oriented Data Model.- Deductive Data Model.- Post-Relational Data Model.- PART III: DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: (DBMS) INTERFACE SQL Data Definition.- SQL Data Integrity.- SQL Data Manipulation.- PART IV: DATABASE DEVELOPMENT Database Development Process.- Requirements Elicitation.- Entity-Relationship Diagramming.- Object Modelling.- Normalisation.- Physical Database Design.- Database Implementation.- PART V: PLANNING AND ADMINISTRATION OF DATABASE SYSTEMS.- Strategic Data Planning.- Data Administration.- Database Administration.- PART VI: DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (DBMS) TOOLKIT DBMS Toolkit End-User Tools.- DBMS Toolkit Application Development Tools.- DBMS Toolkit Database Administration Tools.- PART VII: DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS KERNEL Data Organisation.- Access Mechanisms.- Transaction Management.- Other Kernel Functions.- PART VIII: DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS STANDARDS AND COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS Post-Relational DBMS SQL3.- Object-Oriented DBMS ODMG Object Model.- Microsoft Access.- Oracle.- O2 DBMS.- PART IX: TRENDS IN DATABASE TECHNOLOGY Distributed Processing.- Distributed Data.- Parallel Databases.- Complex Data.- PART X: APPLICATIONS OF DATABASE SYSTEMS Data Warehousing.- On-Line Analytical Processing.- Data Mining.- Database Systems and the Web.- Bibliography.- Glossary and Index.
Most modern-day organizations have a need to record data relevant to their everyday activities and many choose to organise and store some of this information in an electronic database. Database Systems provides an essential introduction to modern database technology and the development of database systems. This new edition has been fully updated to include new developments in the field, and features new chapters on: e-business, database development process, requirements for databases, and distributed processing. In addition, a wealth of new examples and exercises have been added to each chapter to make the book more practically useful to students, and full lecturer support will be available online.
Autor: Paul Beynon-Davies
PAUL BEYNON-DAVIES is currently Reader in Information Systems at the European Business Management School, University of Wales, Swansea. He is the author of a number of student textbooks including Information Systems and Information Systems Development both published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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Autor: Paul Beynon-Davies
ISBN-13 :: 9781403916013
ISBN: 1403916012
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