Diplomatic Interventions: Conflict and Change in a Globalizing World

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Places contemporary interventions in historical and philosophical contextProvides a broad overview of the different interventions that constitute war or its transformation, from moral, legal, military, economic, cultural and therapeuticLooks at the relationship between forms of intervention that are most often treated in isolationProvides an empirically based and accessible argument that war is a social construction
Table of Contents Preface Cause or Constitution? War and Diplomacy Moral Interventions Legal Interventions Military Interventions Economic Interventions Cultural Interventions Therapeutic Interventions Critical Interventions
Diplomatic Interventions argues that war is a social construction. In so doing, it unsettles the definition of intervention, as a coercive interference by one state in the affairs of another, to examine the range of communicative or 'diplomatic' practices which through their presence modify the experience of war. The tension between claims that war is pervasive and that war is a social construct is analysed in relation to a range of moral, legal, military, economic, cultural, and therapeutic interventions. The concluding chapter highlights how the book itself is a critical intervention that requires us look at again from a new angle at international practice.
Autor: K. Fierke
K.M. FIERKE is a Reader in the School of Politics and International Studies at Queen's University Belfast. She is author of Changing Games, Changing Strategies: Critical Investigations in Security (1998), co-editor of Constructing International Relations: The Next Generation (2001), and has published articles in several prominent journals as well as contributing to numerous edited books.

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Autor: K. Fierke
ISBN-13 :: 9781403915405
ISBN: 1403915407
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.06.2005
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Auflage 2005
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