International Migration and the Social Sciences: Confronting National Experiences in Australia, France and Germany

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Provides comparative perspective
List of Figures and Tables Notes on the Contributors Difficult Comparisons: Social Science and Migration in Three National Societies; V.Vuddamalay & E.Vasta Migration and Migration Research in Australia; E.Vasta Migration and Migration Research in France; V.Vuddamalay & C.Wihtol de Wenden Migration and Migration Research in Germany; M.Bommes Framing International Migration: From National Models to Transnational Critique; S.Castles & C.Wihtol de Wenden Index
How have Australia, France and Germany engaged with immigration and ethnic diversity? Are there national stereotypes that have blocked effective policy-making and exacerbated conflicts? This book looks at the role of the social sciences in national discourses of migration and how scholars can explain how migration is shaping global society.
Autor: E. Vasta, V. Vuddamalay
MICHAEL BOMMES is Professor of Sociology and of Methodology of Interdisciplinary Migration Research, Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies, University of Osnabrück, GermanySTEPHEN CASTLES is Professor of Migration and Refugee Studies and Director of the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, UK
CATHERINE WIHTOL DE WENDEN is Director of Research at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris, France

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Autor: E. Vasta
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