Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis

Gender, Power and Ideology in Discourse
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The first volume on feminist perspectives on Critical Discourse Analysis - the dominant discourse methodology
List of Tables and Figures Notes on the Contributors List of Abbreviations Politicizing Gender in Discourse: Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis as Political Perspective and Praxis; M.Lazar PART 1: POST EQUALITY?: ANALYSES OF SUBTLE SEXISM Power and Discourse at Work: Is Gender Relevant?; J.Holmes The Gender of Power: The Female Style in Labour Organizations; L.Martin Rojo& C.Gómez Esteban Gender Mainstreaming and the European Union: Interdisciplinarity, Gender Studies and CDA; R.Wodak Negotiating the Classroom Floor: Negotiating Ideologies of Gender and Sexuality; K.Remlinger Performing State Fatherhood: The Remaking of Hegemony; M.Lazar PART 2: EMANCIPATION AND SOCIAL CITIZENSHIP: ANALYSES OF IDENTITY AND DIFFERENCE Choosing to Refuse to be a Victim: 'Power Feminism' and the Intertextuality of Victimhood and Choice; M.Talbot Interdiscursivity, Gender Identity and the Politics of Literacy in Brazil; I.Magalhães The 'Terrorist Feminist': Strategies of Gate-Keeping in the Hungarian Printed Media; E.Barát Assumptions about Gender, Power and Opportunity: Gays and Lesbians as Discursive Subjects in a Portuguese Newspaper; C . Gouveia Index
The first collection to bring together well-known scholars writing from feminist perspectives within Critical Discourse Analysis. The theoretical structure of CDA is illustrated with empirical research from a range of locations (from Europe to Asia; the USA to Australasia) and domains (from parliament to the classroom; the media to the workplace).
Editiert von: M. Lazar
ERZSÉBET BARÁT is Lecturer in Gender Studies and Linguistics, University of Szeged, HungaryCONCEPCIÓN GÓMEZ ESTEBAN is Assistant Professor of Sociology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
CARLOS A. M. GOUVEIA is Assistant Professor, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Janet Holmes is Professor of Linguistics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
IZABEL MAGALHÃES is Senior Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, Brasilia University, Brazil
LUISA MARTÍN ROJO is Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Universidad Autonoma de Madria, Spain
KATHRYN A. REMLINGER is Associate Professor, Department of English, Grand Valley State University, USA
MARY TALBOT is Reader in Language and Culture, Department of Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland, UK
RUTH WODAK is Chair of Discourse Studies, University of Lancaster, UK

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Autor: M. Lazar
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ISBN: 1403914869
Erscheinungsjahr: 07.01.2005
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK
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Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2005
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