Gendered Discourses

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Language and gender is popular topic in sociolinguistics at both undergraduate and graduate level
PART ONE: DISCOURSE AND GENDER Discourse, Discourse Analysis and Gender Discourses, Discourse Identification and Discourse Naming Some Gendered Discourses Identified To Date PART TWO: GENDERED DISCOURSES: EMPIRICAL STUDIES Gendered Discourses in the Classroom Fatherhood Discourses in 'Parenting' Magazines Celebrity Fatherhood: The 'Blair Baby' Gendered Discourses in Children's Literature PART THREE: THEORISING GENDERED DISCOURSES AND LINGUISTIC INTERVENTION The Discoursal Construction of Gender 'Damaging Discourses' and Intervention in Discourse References Index
This advanced textbook critically reviews a range of theoretical and empirical work on gendered discourses, and explores how gendered discourses can be identified, described and named. It also examines the actual workings of discourses in terms of construction and their potential to 'damage'. For upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in discourse analysis, gender studies, social psychology and media studies.
Autor: J. Sunderland
JANE SUNDERLAND is Lecturer in English and Modern Linguistics at Lancaster University, where she is Director of Studies of the 'PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework' programme. She has taught and researched in Australia, China and the USA. She has recently co-edited Gender Identity and Discourse Analysis (2002).

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Autor: J. Sunderland
ISBN-13 :: 9781403913449
ISBN: 1403913447
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Auflage 2004
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