Nationalism in Germany, 1848-1866: Revolutionary Nation

Europe in Transition: The NYU
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A comprehensive reassessment of the relationship between politics and the nation in Germany in the critical period between the revolutions of 1848-9 and unification after 1866
List of Tables and Diagrams.- List of Maps.- Acknowledgements.- Introduction.- A German Revolution.- The Great Powers and the Austrian Question.- The Habsburg Monarchy and the Germans.- The Third Germany and the Bund.- Prussia, the Nation and the Constitution.- The Struggle for Germany in Schleswig-Holstein.- Conclusion.- Notes.- Bibliography.- Index.
Mark Hewitson reassesses the relationship between politics and the nation during a crucial period in order to answer the question of when, how and why the process of unification began in Germany. He focuses on how the national question was articulated in the public sphere by the press, political writers and key political organizations.
Autor: Mark Hewitson
Mark Hewitson

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Autor: Mark Hewitson
ISBN-13 :: 9781403913296
ISBN: 1403913293
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.11.2010
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Auflage 2010
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