Sovereignties: Contemporary Theory and Practice

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Currently no book which offers the same combination of accessible and wide-ranging engagement with the subject of sovereignty, combining innovative and clearly-argued developments, together with an integrated view of theory and practice
The Meaning of Sovereignty: The Politics and Ownership of the Concept From Internal/External to Post-States and Other Actors The Liberal and State Character of Modern Sovereignty The Metaphor of Sovereignty The Politics of Sovereignty Less is More: Sovereignty in Europe
Raia Prokhovnik develops a strong argument for sovereignty as a robust concept with many conceptualizations, and capable of further fruitful reconceptualization. The book explores contemporary theoretical developments and current political issues around sovereignty that have crucial practical and institutional implications.
Autor: R. Prokhovnik
RAIA PROKHOVNIK is Reader in Politics at the Open University, UK. Her research interests are in contemporary political theory, sovereignty, international relations theory, early modern political thought, feminist political theory, and citizenship. Her previous books are Spinoza and Republicanism (2004), Rational Woman (2002), and Rhetoric and Philosophy in Hobbes's 'Leviathan' (1991).

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Autor: R. Prokhovnik
ISBN-13 :: 9781403913234
ISBN: 1403913234
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2008
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Auflage 2007
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