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It is unique, innovative and comprehensive in its theoretical perspective It has well-known contributors who command a wide, growing audienceIts appeal and market is interdisciplinary and globalIt has groundbreaking, wide-ranging and compelling research
PART I: PERSPECTIVE AND FRAMEWORK Global Political Economy & Social Reproduction; I.Bakker & S.Gill Ontology, Method & Hypotheses; I.Bakker & S.Gill PART II: GOVERNANCE AND WORLD ORDER Governance and World Order: Introduction to Part II; T.Di Muzio & A.Roncallo Globalization, In/security, and the Paradoxes of the Social; J.Brodie Neo-Liberal Governance and the Reprivatization of Social Reproduction: Social Provisioning and Shifting Gender Orders; I.Bakker Constitutionalism in a Modern Patriarchal State: Japan, the Sex Sector and Social Reproduction; S.Hanochi PART III: CRISES, TENSIONS AND CONTRADICTIONS Crises, Tensions, and Contradictions: Introduction to Part III; T.Di Muzio Financial Crises and Social Reproduction: Asia, Argentina and Brazil; B.Young Power, Production and Racialization in Global Labour Recruitment and Supply; R.B.Persaud Social Reproduction of Exclusion: Exploitative Migration and Human Insecurity; K.Mushakoji PART IV: HUMAN IN/SECURITY ON A UNIVERSAL SCALE Human In/Security on a Universal Scale: Introduction to Part IV; I.Bakker, S.Gill & T.Di Muzio. Food Security and Social Reproduction: Issues and Contradictions; P.McMichael Social Reproduction of Affluence and Human In/security; S.Gill National In/security on a Universal Scale; S.Gil l Bibliography
Written by leading authorities from Europe, the Americas and Asia, this path-breaking work develops an innovative and original theorization of global political economy. Whilst most approaches theorize global political economy from the perspectives of power and production or states and markets, this work argues that what feminists call social reproduction is a more basic framework, upon which most forms of power and production, and states and markets, must necessarily rest. By combining Feminist and Radical Political Economy with Critical International Studies, the volume explores how global transformations of states, growth in the power of capital, and extension of market values and market forces in everyday life, all affect the security of the majority of the population, and the reproduction of communities and societies. The book shows how public and private forms of power regulate three main aspects of social reproduction: biological reproduction; reproduction of labour power; and social practices connected to caring and provisioning of human needs.
Editiert von: S. Gill, I. Bakker
JANINE BRODIE Chair, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada TIME DI MUZIO Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at York University, Toronto, Canada SEIKO HANOCHI Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at York University, Toronto, Canada KINHIDE MUSHAKOJI is one of the world's leading authorities on Global Affairs and Peace Research and author of many works in these fields RANDOLF B. PERSAUD Associate Professor in the School of International Service, American University, Washington, USA ALEJANDRA RONCALLO Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at York University, Toronto, Canada BRIGITTE YOUNG Professor of Political Science at the University of Münster, Germany.

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Autor: S. Gill
ISBN-13 :: 9781403913203
ISBN: 140391320X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2003
Gewicht: 440g
Seiten: 250
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2003
Sonstiges: Buch, 224x141x20 mm
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