Call Centres and Human Resource Management: A Cross-National Perspective

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Includes contributions by many of the world's leading researchers in the field
List of Figures List of Tables Notes on the Contributors Introduction: The Nature and Management of Call Centre Work; S.Deery & N.Kinnie PART I: MANAGERIAL STRATEGIES AND EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES The Viability of Alternative Call Centre Production Models; R.Batt and L.Moynihan Call Centre HRM and Performance Outcomes: Does Workplace Governance Matter?; S.Fernie Tensions and Variations in Call Centre Management Strategies; M.Houlihan Managing Client, Employee and Customer Relations: Constrained Strategic Choice in the Management of Human Resources in a Commercial Call Centre; N.Kinnie and J.Parsons PART II: CHARACTERISTICS AND ORGANIZATIONAL FEATURES OF CALL CENTRE WORK Keeping Up Appearances: Recruitment, Skills and Normative Control in Call Centres; P.Thompson, G.Callaghan and D.van den Broek Professionals at Work: A Study of Autonomy and Skill Utilization in Nurse Call Centres in England and Canada; C.Collin-Jacques A Female Ghetto? Women's Careers in Telephone Call Centres; V.Belt PART III: EFFECTS OF CALL CENTRE WORK ON EMPLOYEES The Effect of Customer Service Encounters on Job Satisfaction and Emotional Exhaustion; S.Deery, R.Iverson and J.Walsh Employee Well Being in Call Centres; D.Holman PART IV: MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEE RESPONSE TO ISSUES OF WORKPLACE GOVERNANCE All Talk But No Voice: Non-Union Employee Representation in Call Centre Work; P.Gollan Call to Arms? Collective and Individual Responses to Call Centre Labour Management; D.van den Broek Index
This book looks at human resource management in call centres from an international perspective and uses research from leading academics in the field. The characteristics and features of working in a call centre are examined, followed by the effects that this type of work has on employees and their responses to it. It also looks at implications for employers and policy makers.
Editiert von: S. Deery, N. Kinnie
ROSEMARY BATT Alice Cook Professor of Women and Work, Cornell UniversityVICKI BELT Lecturer in Management, University of Newcastle on Tyne Business School
GEORGE CALLAGHAN Lecturer, Open University Business School
CAROLINE COLLIN-JACQUES School of Management, Royal Holloway College
SUE FERNIE Department of Industrial Relations, London School of Economics
PAUL GOLLAN Lecturer, Department of Industrial Relations, London School of Economics
DAVID HOLMAN Senior Research Fellow, ESCR Centre for Organisation and Innovation, Institute of Work Psychology, Sheffield University
MAEVE HOULIHAN Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, Business Administration Department, University College Dublin
JON PARSONS Director of Giocoso Ltd
PAUL THOMPSON Professor of Organisational Analysis, University of Strathclyde
DIANE VAN DEN BROEK Lecturer in Work and Organisational Studies, University of Sydney
JANET WALSH Reader in Human Resource Management, King's College London

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Autor: S. Deery
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