Thinking Medieval: An Introduction to the Study of the Middle Ages

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Topicality: the section on the relevance of the crusades post 9/11, for example, will be lent added topicality by the release of the big-budget film 'Kingdom of Heaven' in 2005, as well as by the continued use of crusading as a motif in Western-Muslim discourse. The book also engages with current debates about the value of academic subjects, such as Charles Clarke's attack on medieval historians' usefulness
Introduction: What is 'Thinking Medieval'? Popular Images of the Middle Ages What are the 'Middle Ages'? The Evidence for Medieval History Is Medieval History Relevant? Conclusion Suggested Reading
This book is aimed at students coming to the study of western European medieval history for the first time, and also graduate students on interdisciplinary medieval studies programmes. It examines the place of the Middle Ages in modern popular culture, exploring the roots of the stereotypes that appear in films, on television and in the press, and asking why they remain so persistent. The book also asks whether 'medieval' is indeed a useful category in terms of historical periodization. It investigates some of the particular challenges posed by medieval sources and the ways in which they have survived. And it concludes with an exploration of the relevance of medieval history in today's world.
Autor: M. Bull
MARCUS BULL is Senior Lecturer in Medieval History in the University of Bristol. His previous publications include Knightly Piety and the Lay Response the First Crusade (1993) and The Miracles of Rocamadour: Analysis and Translation (1999). He plays an active role in Bristol's interdisciplinary Centre for Medieval Studies.

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Autor: M. Bull
ISBN-13 :: 9781403912947
ISBN: 1403912947
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2005
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Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2005
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