The Jacobite Movement in Scotland and in Exile, 1746-1759

Studies in Modern History
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Using a broad archival base, the book covers both the Jacobite and Hanoverian perspectives, making it a balanced account
Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations Notes on Dates and Spelling The Historians and the Last Phase of Jacobitism: From Culloden to Quiberon Bay, 1746-1759 Suppression and Resistance: Hanoverians and Jacobites in 1746-1747 The Jacobite Movement in Exile after Culloden, 1746-1748 The Plot That Almost Happened: The Jacobite Movement, the British Government and the Elibank Conspiracy, 1749-1754 The Last Attempt: The Jacobites and the Fifty-Nine, 1756-1759 A Jacobite Renaissance or Epitaph, 1746-1759? Notes Bibliography Index
The argument presented in this book arose from an extension to the question whether the suppression of the Jacobite Rising of 1745-46, as represented by a long-standing historiographical consensus, spelled the end of Jacobite hopes, and British fears, of another restoration attempt. The principal conclusion of this book is that the Jacobite Movement persisted as a viable threat to the British state, and was perceived as such by its opponents to 1759.
Autor: D. Zimmermann
DORON ZIMMERMANN is head of the Political Violence Movements project and Senior Researcher for the Integrated Risk Analysis project at the Center for Security Studies, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He is an alumnus of Cambridge University, where he has conducted research on modern British political, diplomatic and military history at the faculty of history.

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Autor: D. Zimmermann
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