Coaching for Meaning

The Culture and Practice of Coaching and Team Building
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Vincent Lenhardt
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Translation of a bestselling management book originally published in French
Foreword by Pierre Caspar, Professor at CNAM Preface: Ten years after the first edition, review and outlook Introduction PART 1: DEFINITIONS OF COACHING AND TEAM BUILDING The manager's paradoxes Definitions Conclusion PART 2: THE MINIMUM CULTURAL WRAPPER The necessary foundation for any shared culture Meta-communication Autonomy Meaning Growth Change Consensus Company Cultures PART 3: THE COACH'S PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Development of integrated identities A model for action The fifteen parameters Areas for intervention States of the self Frameworks for reference Levels of autonomy PART 4: INDIVIDUAL COACHING Managerial identity wrappers A manager's stages of development Coaching content Coaching process relating to appraisal interviews PART 5: COACHING A TEAM: TEAM BUILDING The OFT Model (operations, regulation, training) A team's stages of development Structured problem review presentation The circle of trust Communication, meta-communication confirmed communication Integrating the self, the other and the team Conclusion - The 14 key concerns for the coach Appendices New support for change. Is coaching and team building a fashion or a serious trend? Personal development for the manager Creating value from meaning. Source and functioning of the collective intelligence The stakes of training in coaching Glossary Biliography List of figures Note on Transformance S.A.
This book is a translation of a bestselling management book originally published in French. Its focus is on the concept of the leader as a bearer of meaning and purpose within the organization, and the significance of this for coaching and team-building. The author presents tools for the development of managers as coaches and models for how to achieve this. For a manager, coaching is a practice and a philosophy. Managers learn to enhance their role in the hierarchy and turn themselves into a trainer who supports a champion. They embark on team building to consolidate its cohesion and dynamism. This is a seminal work on coaching and team building in relation to the culture of the company, the board and the individual, written by a leading practitioner.

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