Change Management in Transition Economies: Integrating Corporate Strategy, Structure and Culture

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Highly topical with the further enlargement of the EU to include eastern countries
List of Figures List of Tables List of Boxes Preface List of Abbreviations Notes on Contributors PART I: ESTABLISHING THE FRAMEWORK: ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CONSTRAINTS FOR BUSINESS IN POLAND Political, Economic and Cultural Developments in Polish-German Relations Since 1989; A.Byrt Polish-German Economic Relations in the 1990's: The Track Record and its Implications; W.Malachowski Investing in Poland: The Experiences of German Enterprises; R.Klein Mass Privatization As a Condition For Change: The Role of Polish NIFs; J.Jezak Privatization, Restructuring, Corporate Governance and the Behaviour of Firms in Transition Economies; J.Brada Politics and Employment Relations: The Power of Labour in Poland After the Fall of Communism; R.Martin PART II: THE BEIERSDORF CASE: RADICAL CHANGE FROM A PRODUCTION-ORIENTED CONGLOMERATE TO A MARKET-DRIVEN CONSUMER GOODS COMPANY Case Study: Beiersdorf-Lechia S.A., Poznan; S.Blazejewski, F.Claassen, W.Dorow & H.Stüting PART III: STRATEGIC CONCEPTS FOR CONTINUOUS CHANGE IN TRANSFORMATION ENTERPRISES Market Entry Strategies and Competitive Advantages in Poland; J.Emes Marketing Strategies of Western Consumer Goods Firms Central and Eastern Europe; A.Schuh & H.Holzmüller Development of the Retail Sector in Poland Since 1990; T.Domanski The Leadership Behaviour of Managers in Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland: An Intercultural Comparison based on the Vroom/Yetton Model of Leadership and Decision Making; G.Reber & W.Auer-Rizzi Remuneration Management in Polish Companies; T.Otte Change of Organizational Identity in Polish Enterprises; K.Konecki Simple Rules and Simple Solutions: The Dominant Logic of High and Low Performers in Turbulent Environments; K.Obloj How Multinational Corporations Can Upgrade Foreign Subsidiaries: A Case Study From Central Europe; S.Schmid Foreign Investor Strategies in View of EU Enlargement; K.E.Meyer & C.Jensen Index
This book investigates the concepts and instruments for managing change in companies striving towards a market orientation in transition economies. The focus is on the identification of factors, which have led to the considerable success of certain corporations, in spite of the very dynamic environment in transition countries since 1989. The analysis considers problems and solutions for all the relevant stakeholder relationships. Although the case study is largely based on Poland, the book also contains research on the economic, political and social context of doing business in Central and Eastern Europe.
Editiert von: H. Stuting, W. Dorow, F. Claassen
WERNER AUER-RIZZI Institute of International Management StudiesJOSEF C. BRADA Professor of Economics, Arizona State University
ANDRZEJ BYRT Deputy Foreign Minister, Poland
TOMASZ DOMANSKI Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Lodz
HARTMUT H. HOLZMÜLLER Chair of Marketing, Dortmund University
CAMILLA JENSEN Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School
JAN JEZAK Professor of Strategic Management, University of Lodz
REINHARD KLEIN Member of the Board of Directors, TWG
KRZYSZTOF KONECKI Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Lodz
WITOLD MALACHOWSKI Board of Management, Volkswagen, Poland
RODERICK MARTIN Director of the School of Management, University of Southampton
KLAUS MEYER Research Professor, Copenhagen Business School
JUTTA MÜSCHEN Assistant Professor in Marketing, Julius-Maxilmilians University of Würzburg
KRZYSZTOF OBLOJ Professor of Strategic Management, University of Warsaw
THOMAS OTTE Lecturer in Management, University Viadrina, Frankfurt Oder
GERHARD REBER Founder of the Organizational Behaviour Institute, Johannes Kepler University, Linz
STEFAN SCHMID Professor of International Management, EAP, Berlin
ARNOLD SCHUH Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, WU-Wien

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Autor: H. Stuting
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