Life and Death in Besieged Leningrad, 1941-1944

Studies in Russian and East Eu
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The most detailed and informed work on the subject available
List of Tables List of Figures Preface Notes on Contributors Glossary Introduction: Leningrad's Place in the History of Famine; J.Barber The Demographic Situation and Health-Care on the Eve of War; N.Cherepenina Assessing the Scale of Hunger and Famine in the Beseiged City; N.Cherepenina Evacuation from Leningrad to Kostroma in 1941-42; M.Frolov Medical Research Institutes During the Seige; A.Dzeniskevich Physiological and Psychosomatic Prerequisites for Survival and Recovery; S.Magaeva The Work of Civilian and Military Pathologists; V.Chirsky The Impact of the Seige on the Physical Development of Children; I.Kozlov & A.Samsonova Long-Term Effects of Lengthy Starvation Among Survivors of the Seige: L.Khoroshinina Crime During the Seige; B.Belozerov Bibliography Index
From 1941-1944 Leningrad saw by far the largest-scale famine ever to occur in a developed society. This book examines the nature and consequences of the extreme conditions created by the German blockade of Leningrad between September 1941 and January 1944. Using declassified documents from Party and State archives in Moscow and St Petersburg and interviews with survivors, the authors have produced the most informed and detailed analysis to date of the impact of the siege on the lives and health of the people of Leningrad.
Editiert von: J. Barber, A. Dzeniskevich
BORIS BELOZEROV Professor of History, University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, St. Petersburg, RussiaNADEZHDA CHEREPENINA Senior Archivist, Central State Archive of St. Petersburg, Russia
VADIM CHIRSKY Lecturer, Military-Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia
MIKHAIL FROLOV Professor of History, University of the Leningrad Region, Russia
LIDIYA KHOROSHININA Research Associate, Department of Geriatrics, Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies, St. Petersburg, Russia
IGOR KOZLOV Professor of Biomechanics, P.F. Lesgaft Academy of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg, Russia
SVETLANA MAGAEVA Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Pathology and Pathophysiology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia
ALLA SAMSONOVA Assistant Professor of Biomechanics, P.F. Lesgaft Academy of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg, Russia

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