Contemporary Peace Making: Conflict, Violence and Peace Processes
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Contemporary Peace Making: Conflict, Violence and Peace Processes

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J. Darby
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1 Contributions from leading scholars in the field of peace processes, including Crawford Young, I. William Zartman and Christopher Mitchell2 Systematic structure - follows majors themes in peace processes from before their inception to post-accord difficulties
3 Wide-ranging - looks at peace processes in all regions of the world
4 Topicality - contributes to a number of current debates including how and when peace processes can be initiated and the effects of spoiler groups
Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Abbreviations Introduction: What Peace? What Process? Explaining the Conflict Potential of Ethnicity; C.Young The Timing of Peace Initiatives; I.W.Zartman Cultivating Peace; J.P.Lederach New Contexts for Political Solutions; J.Loughlin Negotiations and Peace Processes; A.Guelke Rules and Procedures for Negotiated Peacemaking; P.du Toit Mediation and the Ending of Conflict; C.Mitchell The Role of News Media in Peace Negotiations; G.Wolfsfeld Peace Processes and the Challenges of Violence; S.Stedman Reframing the Spoiler Debate; M.J.Zahar Disarmament and Demobilisation; V.Gamba Powersharing after Civil Wars; T.Sisk Peace Accords and Ethnic Conflicts; Varennes Human Rights and Minority Protection; C.Bell Democratic Validation; B.Reilly Territorial Options; Y.Ghai & A.Regan From Peace to Democratisation; C.Arnson & D.Azpuru Military and Police Reform after Civil Wars; C.Call & W.Stanley Transformation and Reconciliation; B.Hamber The Role of Symbolism in Peacemaking; R.Mac Ginty Borrowing and Lending in Peace Processes; J.Darby Peace Processes, Present and Future; J.Darby and R.Mac Ginty Bibliography
Contemporary Peace Making draws on recent experience to identify and explore the essential components of peace processes. Each chapter examines a different element in recent peace processes. The collection is organized around five main themes: planning for peace during periods of violence; the process of negotiations (including pre-negotiation); the effects of violence on peace processes; peace accords - constitutional and political options and; securing the settlement and building the peace.

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