Labour Market Planning Revisited

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Forecasting the needs for skills in developing countries is urgently needed, previously authors have been afraid to tackle the subject because it had fallen into disrepute. With a resurgence of interest in the subject, this book will be important as the first in many years to produce an up to date account of labour market planning
Summary Employment and Manpower Planning Techniques An Overview of Major Theories of Labour Market Mismatch The Measurement and Monitoring of Mismatches A Description of the MACBETH Model An application of the MACBETH Model to Labour Market and Human Resource Analysis in Sri Lanka Survey analysis in Manpower Planning; Used to assess training needs in Vietnam Conclusions
This book enables the reader to understand labour markets and shows how to forecast the need for skills in developing countries. The forecasting of these skills has recently fallen into disrepute with the notion that all forecasting techniques that assessed the labour market requirements of the future were dubious and that the future lay with labour market analysis and labour market signalling. This book disputes this but acknowledges that the models of the past should be supplemented with better data and improved labour market analysis and in doing so produces its own model for analysing the needs of labour markets.
Autor: M. Hopkins
MICHAEL HOPKINS is Professor of Corporate Responsibility and Business Performance at Middlesex University Business School. He is also Managing Director of MHC International Ltd. which is a research service specialising in social development issues.

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Autor: M. Hopkins
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