The Environment in Asia Pacific Harbours

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Shows significance and growth of environmental degradation in the Asia Pacific region
About the editor. Foreword. Preface. Contributors. 1. Increasing trade and urbanisation of the Asia Pacific coast; E. Wolanski. 2. Tokyo Bay: its environmental status - past, present and future; K. Furukawa, T. Okada. 3. Ecological network linked by the planktonic larvae of the clam Rudipates Philippinarum in Tokyo Bay; H. Hinata, K. Furukawa. 4. Circulation processes in Tokyo Bay; K. Nakayama. 5. Effects of oceanic water intrusion on the Tokyo Bay environment; H. Hinata. 6. Influence of the deep waterway project on the Changjiang Estuary; J. Zhu et al. 7. Impact of human activities on the health of ecosystems in the Changjiang Delta region; J. Zhang et al. 8. Geographical and economical setting of the Pearl River estuary; M. Zhou et al. 9. Physical processes and sediment dynamics in the Pearl River; L. Dong et al. 10. Water quality and phytoplankton blooms in the Pearl River estuary; Y. Li et al. 11. Pollution studies on mangroves in Hong Kong and mainland China; N.F.Y. Tam. 12. Field and model studies of water quality in Hong Kong; K.-L. Pun. 13. Eutrophication dynamics in Hong Kong coastal waters: physical and biological interactions; J.H.W. Lee et al. 14. Marine communities and introduced species in Pearl Harbor, O'ahu, Hawai'i; S.L. Coles. 15. Physical environment in the Gulf of Thailand with emphasis on three important ports; S. Vongvisessomjai; 16. Environmental issues in the Gulf of Thailand; G. Wattayakorn. 17. The environment in Ho Chi Minh City harbours; N.H. Nhan.18. Biophysical environment of Manila Bay - then and now; G.S. Jacinto et al. 19. Manila Bay: environmental challenges and opportunities; G.S. Jacinto et al. 20. Carbon flux through bacteria in a eutrophic tropical environment: Port Klang waters; C.-W. Lee, C.-W. Bong. 21. Phytoplankton structure in the tropical port waters of Singapore; K.Y.-H. Gin et al. 22. Marine habitats in one of the world's busiest harbours; L.M. Chou. 23. The physical oceanography of Singapore coastal waters and its implications for oil spills; E.S. Chan et al. 24. Managing the port of Jakarta Bay: overcoming the legacy of 400 years of adhoc development. D.G. Bengen et al. 25. Darwin Harbour: water quality and ecosystem structure in a tropical harbour in the early stages of urban development; A.D. McKinnon et al. 26. Hydrodynamics of Darwin Harbour; D. Williams et al. 27. An estuarine ecohydrology model of Darwin Harbour, Australia; E. Wolanski et al. 28. Is harbour development ecologically sustainable?; E. Wolanski. Index.
Urbanization has reached unprecedented levels in the estuarine and coastal zone, particularly in the Asia Pacific region where mega-cities and mega-harbours are still growing. This book demonstrates the different solutions and pitfalls, successes and failures in a large number of ports and harbours in the Asia Pacific Region, and shows how science can provide ecologically sustainable solutions that apply wherever the growth of mega-harbours occurs.
Editiert von: Eric Wolanski
Dr. Eric Wolanski, an internationally recognized coastal oceanographer, is a fellow of the Belgian Academy of Overseas Sciences, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, and the Institution of Engineers Australia. He was awarded an Australian Centenary medal for services in estuarine and coastal oceanography and he is a Leading Scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science with more than 270 publications.

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