Integrated Water Management

80, NATO Science Series IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences
Practical Experiences and Case Studies
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Results of the NATO CCMS Pilot Studies on Integrated Water Management: Practical Experiences and Case Studies
Result of the work of international experts in different disciplines related to IWM
Preface.- Introduction.- Part I - Concepts and approaches of integrated water management.- Filling the information gap between water systems and decision makers in the sustainable development of a territory; F. Colaceci et al.- Towards and adaptive approach in planning and management process; M. Pires Rosa.- The value of the Italian civil protection system in Integrated Water Management for the Mediterranean environment; F. Giannoni et al.- Knowledge discovery in environmental data; J. Izquierdo et al.- NetSyMoD - An integrated approach for water resources management; C. Giupponi et al.; Water conflicts: an unavoidable challenge from the transboundary to the local dimension; A. Nardini et al.- Part II - Case studies.- An eco-hydrological project on Turkey creek watershed, South Carolina, U.S.A.; D. Amatya, C. Trettin.- Integrated transboundary management of lake Constance driven by the International Commission for the protection of lake Constance (IGKB); J. Bloesch, H.G. Schroeder.- Integrated water management in the seven cities basin; T. Dentinho et al.- Establishment of the Iskar reservoir minimum sanitary storage capacity; I. Dimitrova.- Eutrophication in the Blackwater river catchment; P. Jordan et al.- The proposal of integrated water resources management in the Bouragreg basin and how it fots with the UNESCO/HELP policy program; A. Khattabi.- Impact of Ignalina nuclear power plant on the cooler - lake Druksiai; J. Kriauciuniene.- Transboundary river contract Semois-Semoy between Belgium (Wallonia) and France; F. Rosillon, J. Lobet.- Ground and water levels change in the Scheldt basin: when transboundary issues need a multidisciplinary approach; E. Masson, F. Meilliez.- A decision support system for groundwater quality preservation in Terceira island; T. Dentinho et al.- Greece: IWM plans in the framework of WFD implementation; S.G. Skias.- The role of the HELP programme; M. Bonell.- Participation aspects in the realization of the nete river basinmanagement plan: methodology and application; J. Staes et al.- The use of hydrological characteristics for wetland habitats protection in water management of the upper Narew river system; D. Miroslaw-Swiatek et al.- Saltwater intrusion in a unconfined coastal aquifer: the case study of Cervia (North Adriatic sea, Italy); E. Ulazzi et al.- International and inner transboundary river basins in the Kaliningrad Oblast, South-Eastern Baltic; B. Chubarenko, D. Domnin.- Part III - Reports of the working groups.- Environmental indicators for water resources management; L.M. Lavkulich, E. Ulazzi.- Developments in participation within integrated water management; J. van Ast et al.- Conclusion.-
Integrated Water Management (IWM) deals with the planning and management of water resources by integrating the different issues involved, including ecological, economic, technical legislative, and transboundary. This book offers a general framework for IWM. It includes both the different environmental problems that affect the very different ecosystems and the main methodologies able to face the problem of IWM.

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