Carbon Inventory Methods

Handbook for Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Carbon Mitigation and Roundwood Production Projects
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Unique since it is driven for a clearly identified need and a growing need for 'carbon inventory' for land use sections such as forests
From the Contents 1 Introduction.- 2. Global Carbon Cycle, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Mitigation.- 3 Categories of Activities, Programmes and Projects Requiring Carbon Inventory.- 4 Carbon Pools and Measurement Frequency for Carbon Inventory.- 5 Carbon Inventory in Project Development, Implementation and Monitoring Phases.- 6 Methodological Issues in Land-Based Projects.- 7 Carbon Inventory Under Baseline and Project Scenarios.- 8 Project Area and Boundary Estimation.- 9 Generic Methods for Inventory of Carbon Pools.- 10. Methods for Estimating Above-Ground Biomass.- 11 Methods for Below-Ground Biomass.- 12 Methods for Dead Organic Matter; Deadwood and Litter.- 13 Methods for Estimating Soil Organic Carbon.- 14 Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for Terrestrial Carbon Inventory.- 15 Modelling for Estimation and Projection of Carbon Stocks in Land-Use Systems.- 16 Carbon Inventory Methods for National Greenhouse Gas Inventory.- 17 Estimation of Carbon Stocks and Changes and Data Sources.- Chapter 18 Uncertainty in Carbon Inventory.- 19 Implications of Climate Change for Carbon Stocks and Inventory.
Carbon Inventory Methods Handbook fills the need for a handbook that provides guidelines and methods required for carbon inventory. It provides detailed step-by-step information on sampling procedures, field and laboratory measurements, application of remote sensing and GIS techniques, modeling, and calculation procedures along with sources of data for carbon inventory. The book is driven by a growing need for 'carbon inventory' for land use sections such as forests.

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