Groundwater Dynamics in Hard Rock Aquifers

Sustainable Management and Optimal Monitoring Network Design
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Equipped with latest techniques applied to hard rock aquifer systems
Forword Preface An Introduction to UNESCO's International Hydrological Porgramme About the Editors Hydrogeological Research in India in Managing Water Resources K.D.Sharma and Sudhir Kumar Nature of Hard Rock Aquifers: Hydrogeological Uncertainties and Ambiguities B.B.S. Singhal Overview of the Hydrogeology of Hard Rock Aquifers: Applications for their Survey, Management, Modelling and Protection P.Lachassagne Geophysical Characterization of Hard Rock Aquifers N.S.Krishnamurthy, Subash Chandra and Dewashish Kumar Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Groundwater Exploration S.K.Nag Pumping Tests: Planning, Preparation and Execution K.Subrahmanyam and Haris H.Khan Various Pumping Tests and Methods for Evaluation of Hydraulic Properties in Fractured Hard Rock Aquifers J.C.Marechal, B. Dewandel, K.Subrahmanyam and R.Torri Analysis of Aquifer Parameters from Different Hydraulic Tests and Their Scale Effect J.C.Marechal, Faisal K Zaidi and B.Dewandel Upscaling of Slug Test Hydraulic Conductivity Using Discrete Fracture Network Modelling in Granitic Aquifers Dominique Bruel, Faisal K.Zaidi and C.Engerrand Groundwater Balance at the Watershed Scale in a Hard Rock Aquifer Using GIS J.C.Marechal, L.Galeazzi and B.Dewandel Water Budgeting and Construction of Future Scenarios for Prediction and Management of Ground Water under Stressed Condition Faisal K.Zaidi, Benoit Dewandel, Jean-Marie Gandolfi and Shakeel Ahmed Applying Geostatistics: Basic Knowledge and Variographic Analysis with Exercises P.S.N. Murthy, Tanvi Arora and ShakeelAhmed Kriging for Estimating Hydrogeological Parameters Shakeel Ahmed and K.Devi Application of Geostatistics in Optimal Groundwater Monitoring Network Design Shakeel Ahmed, Dewashish Kumar and Aadil Nabi Bhat Reconstruction of Water Level Time Series in an Aquifer Using Geostatistical Technique Dewashish Kumar and Shakeel Ahmed Governing Equations of Groundwater Flow and Aquifer Modelling Using Finite Difference Method Shazrah Owais, S. Atal and P.D. Sreedevi Simulation of Flow in Weathered-Fractured Aquifer in a Semi-Arid and Over-Exploited Region Shakeel Ahmed and P.D.Sreedevi Regional Simulation of a Groundwater Flow in Coastal Aquifer, Tamil Nadu, India L.Elango and C.Sivakumar Hydrogeology of Hard Rock Aquifer in Kashmir Valley: Complexities and Uncertainties G. Jeelani Index
This book contains the results and findings of the advanced research carried out in a pilot area with a thorough investigation of the structure and functioning of an aquifer in a granitic formation. It characterizes the hard rock aquifer system and examines its properties and behavior as well as systematically details the geophysical, geological and remote sensing applications to conceptualize such an aquifer system.

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