Legitimacy in European Nature Conservation Policy

14, The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics
Case Studies in Multilevel Governance
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Integrates knowledge on a major piece of European policy (nature conservation policy) in a reflexive and comprehensive manner
Chapter 1: European Nature Conservation Policy Making

From Substantive to Procedural Sources of Legitimacy
Ewald Engelen, Jozef Keulartz & Gilbert Leistra


Chapter 2: Endangered Legitimacy

Nature Policy in Flanders: Messy Participation Strategies
Dirk Bogaert & Pieter Leroy

Chapter 3: Nature Policy in Flanders

Messy Participation or Unfavourable circumstances?
Comments by Erik van Zadelhoff

Chapter 4: Between European Injunction and Local Consultation

Analyzing the Territorialization Process for a Public Nature Conservation Initiative in France
Florence Pinton

Chapter 5: The Local Implementation of Nature Policy

Deliberative Democracy or Interest Politics?
Comments by Henk van den Belt

Chapter 6: Legitimacy of Biodiversity Policies in a Multi-Level Setting

The Case of Germany

Markus Leibenath

Chapter 7: Are Conflicts of Nature Distributive Conflicts?

Comments by Michiel Korthals


Chapter 8: Creation of a Bottom-up Nature Conservation Policy in Poland

The Case of the West Polesie Biosphere Reserve
Tadeusz J. Chmielewski & Jaroslaw Krogulec
Chapter 9: Nature Conservation in Poland and the Netherlands

Bottom-up or Bottom Line?
Comments by Henny van der Windt

Chapter 10:Legitimacy Problems in Spanish Nature Policy

The case of Donana
Susana Aguilar Fernandez

Chapter 11: How to Deal With Legitimacy in Nature Conservation Policy?

Comments by Jan van Tatenhove

Chapter 12: Resistance to Top-down Conservation Policy and the Search for New Participatory Models

The Case of Bergö-Malax¿ Outer Archipelago in Finland
Susanna Björkell

Chapter 13: Visions and Scales of Nature and Society in Nature Management

Comments by Jacques Swart

Chapter 14: Conservation in Context: A View from Below

Implementation of Conservation Policies on the North York Moors
Elizabeth Oughton & Jane Wheelock

Chapter 15: Towards governance and procedural sources of legitimacy?

Comments by Marielle van der Zouwen


Chapter 16: Wintering Geese in the Netherlands... Legitimate Policy?

Gilbert Leistra, Jozef Keulartz & Ewald Engelen

Chapter 17: Vindicating Arrogant Ecologists

Comments by Wim Dubbink

Chapter 18: Legitimacy of Species Management

The Great Cormorant in the EU

Felix Rauschmayer & Vivien Behrens

Chapter 19: Animal Governance

The Cormorant Case
Comments by Hub Zwart


Chapter 20: European Union Environmental Policy and Natura 2000

From Adoption to Revision
Rüdiger Wurzel
Building forth upon recent developments in democracy theory that have identified multiple forms of legitimacy, this volume observes a EU-wide shift from output legitimacy to input and throughput legitimacy. Nine case studies are presented, followed by extensive comments. The volume successfully integrates knowledge on a major piece of European policy in a reflexive and comprehensive manner, and combines theories of governance with theories of legitimacy.

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