Differential Subject Marking

72, Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory
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Contains numerous illuminating discussions of Differential Subject Marking from languages all over the world
Cross-linguistic Variation in Differential Subject Marking.- Differential Subject Marking at Argument Structure, Syntax, and PF.- Quantitative Variation in Korean Case Ellipsis: Implications for Case Theory.- Ergative Case-marking in Hindi.- DOM and Two Types of DSM in Turkish.- Differential Subject Marking in Polish: The Case of Genitive vs. Nominative Subjects in "X was not at Y"-constructions.- Differential Argument Marking in Two-term Case Systems and its Implications for the General Theory of Case Marking.- Non-canonical Agent Marking in Agul.- From Topic to Subject Marking: Implications for a Typology of Subject Marking.- Grammaticalization and Strategies in Resolving Subject Marking Paradoxes: The Case of Tsimshianic.- Different Subjects, Different Marking.- Differential Marking of Intransitive Subjects in Kambera (Austronesian).
Not all sentences encode their subjects in the same way. Some languages overtly mark some subjects depending on certain features of the subject argument or the sentence in which the subject figures. This is known as Differential Subject Marking (DSM). Containing illuminating discussions of DSM from languages all over the world, this book shows that DSM is often the result of interactions between conflicting constraints on language use.

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Autor: Helen de Hoop
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