Multibody Dynamics

4, Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
Computational Methods and Applications
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Combines the best papers from the conference with specially written material to give a state of the art overview of multibody dynamics
Preface; Modelling Multi-Body Systems Using the Master-Slave Approach, by Gordan Jelenió and José J. Muñoz; Aspects of Contact Problems in Computational Multibody Dynamics, by Saeed Ebrahim and Peter Eberhard; On the Stabilizing Properties of Energy-Momentum Integrators and Coordinate Projections for Constrained Mechanical Systems, by Juan C. Garcia Orden and Daniel Dopico Dopico; Analysis and Improved Methods for the Error Estimation of Numerical Solutions in Solid and Multibody Dynamics, by Ignacio Romero and Luis M. Lacoma; A DAE Formulation for the Dynamic Analysis and Control Design of Cranes Executing Prescribed Motions of Payloads, by Wojciech Blajer and KrzysztofKotodziejczyk; Neural-Augmented Planning and Tracking Pilots for Maneuvering Multibody Dynamics, by Carlo L. Bottasso, Alessandro Croce and Domenico Leonello; Computational and Design Aspects in Multibody Software Development, by Paolo Mantegazza, Pierangelo Masarati, Marco Morandini and Giuseppe Quaranta; Engineering Education in Multibody Systems, by Paul Fisette and Jean-Claude Samin; Rollover Tendency in Embankment and Ramp Maneuvers with Ground Contact: Simulation and Experiment, by Karma Hirsch and Manfred Hiller; Aircraft Subsystems Modelling Using Different MBS Formalisms, by Krzysztof Arczewski and Janusz Frgczek; Modelling of Joint Friction in Robotic Manipulators with Gear Transmissions, by J.B. Jonker KR. Waiboer and R.G.K.M. Aarts; Multibody Dynamics of Biomechanical Models for Human Motion via Optimization, by Jorge A. C. Ambrósio and Andrés Kecskeméthy; From Multibody Dynamics to Multidisciplinary Applications, by Martin Arnold and Andreas Heckmann.
The ECCOMAS Thematic Conference Multibody Dynamics 2005 was held in Madrid, representing the second edition of a series which began in Lisbon 2003. This book contains the revised and extended versions of selected conference communications, representing the state-of-the-art in the advances on computational multibody models, from the most abstract mathematical developments to practical engineering applications.

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